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Feb 9, 2013 1:15pm EST
in wisconsin -- be it a traditional, a charter, a voucher, a virtual, or a home school environment. moving forward, we want to continue to dramatically improve existing schools and give parents the opportunity to choose legitimate alternatives to failing schools. education, we must continue to reform government. take the waste, fraud, and abuse commission, for example. so far, they have identified nearly $456 million worth of savings. our reforms allow state government to focus on efficiency, so taxpayers get great service without needless spending and waste. our reforms also gave schools and local governments flexibility to make management choices to improve their communities, while saving money. for example, our technical schools are saving millions of dollars by making simple, common sense changes to instructor schedules and overtime policies. in racine county, they are saving money with a program that allows non-violent jail inmates to do maintenance work, like mowing grass and shoveling snow. and much of the work being done to save taxpayers money is about finding creative sol
Feb 9, 2013 12:25pm EST
a future, and raise a family in a safe and healthy environment. we at this capital had better make sure we are helping them. not hurting them in their efforts. [applause]together, we made great strides in the last four years. we face the hardest of times during the downturn. per capita, arizona has the second lowest number of state employees of all states. [applause]we reformed our personal system so our citizens will have a state workforce motivated by performance and accountability. [applause]we passed meaningful reform to improve our education system, and expand school choice. we limited regulation in the largest and most strategic tax cuts in state history, unlike our friends in washington dc. [applause]we even accomplished something novel and rare in politics. we kept our word. in 2010, we asked people to increase their own taxes and promised him it would be temporary. that promise will be kept, when proposition 100 sales tax expires in may. [applause]not long ago, we were facing the worst housing collapse in our history, the downturns had cost us more than 300,000 jobs. our s
Feb 9, 2013 11:45am EST
place to do business. and so is providing a nurturing environment for new entrepreneurs. let's start at the beginning. businesses that start here are more likely to stay here. new companies create 3 million jobs a year. in delaware, we were recently rated the second-based state in the country for knowledge and innovation -- second-best state in the country for knowledge and innovation. we have got the people, the ideas, and the capital. the challenge is to get the people, ideas, and capital together as we build the startup. inspired by successful models across the country, local entrepreneurs have created startup delaware. this is a public-private partnership that will serve as a hub for entrepreneurial activity. with support from delaware's financial, accounting, legal, and real estate. it will build relationships with university of delaware and delaware tech, and other institutions of higher ed. we know that for manufacturers and other businesses, the reliability and cost of energy is key. we need to expand our prayerful leo, -- priority. first, we import too much of our electricit
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3